Amplify Programme

 What we do:

Amplify is a Peace 4 project that is a youth work partnership between Foroige, Youth Work Ireland,the Northern Ireland Youth Forum and Patrician Youth centre, which is led by Youth Action NI.Amplify will inspire young people to build good relations and take positive actions. Amplify can help young people develop skills which can help them build their confidence and resilience. As a project,Amplify also help participants to increase their employ-ability and foster good relations in their community and beyond.The Amplify Programme is funded by the SEUPB which incorporates a cross border good relations element with participants learning about the ‘troubles’ and connections between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Taking part in the Amplify project also has the possibilities of residential trips to both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

Where we are based: 

The Amplify Programme is based in both Castleblayney and Monaghan Town, with participants from throughout Cavan and Monaghan engaging in the programme.

Age group

Amplify is a programme aimed at young people in the age bracket 10-24 years old.


The programmes are built around each participant’s needs, interests and abilities. The programme is very flexible and is open to referrals all year round. The young people take part in a wide range of vocational and personal development programmes as well as group activities and group sessions.Training programmes have included computers, manual handling, driver theory test, driving lessons,culinary, art and drama to name but a few. The project also helps the participants to become involved in sports and exercise.

How it works:

The programme is for young people who are not in education or employment and who need support to gain access to education or employment or to figure out what it is they would like to do. We address issues which might be keeping young people from reaching their full potential such as early school leaving, mental health issues, substance abuse, family problems and many other issues. We try and find how we can channel their interests into their future careers.

How can you get involved?

If you wish to get involved with the Amplify Programme, please don’t hesitate to contact:

  • Shauna 087 3836816