Volunteering plays a significant and positive contribution to improving the lives of people, strengthening communities and civil society. It’s undertaken by the volunteer’s free will, without financial gain and supported by the Club Development Worker in Youth Work Ireland Cavan Monaghan. Volunteers are valued primarily for their individual contributions, enthusiasm and commitment, as well as for the experience and skills they can bring. Volunteering in Youth Work Ireland Cavan Monaghan has many benefits, including opportunities for you to:

  • learn new skills and gain knowledge in a new area
  • boost your job and career prospects
  • enjoy a sense of achievement and fulfilment
  • develop personally and boost self-esteem
  • connect to and better understand your community
  • meet new people and make new friends
  • have fun

Ways to volunteer:

Volunteers have the opportunity to trial and support a plethora of services within Youth Work Ireland Cavan Monaghan. These include:

  1. Youth Club – with a team of volunteers, run your own youth club empowering young people to take a leadership in their own club.  These clubs usually run during school term, once a week for on average 1.5–2hrs per week. Alternatively you can volunteer in one of our new volunteer led youth clubs in Cavan and Monaghan.
  2. Supporting Youth Cafés or programmes – on a weekly basis or as part of a rota, support staff led programmes and drop in times that support youth development.  Work along side qualified workers and develop skills and participate in training activities that will enhance self-development.
  3. Detached Youth Work – Support a team of youth workers and work with young people on Friday or Saturday nights to support young people engaging in antisocial behaviour on the streets. Volunteer weekly or on a rota.
  4. Summer or Mid-Term Programmes – support programmes and events that are run in Youth Work Ireland Cavan Monaghan over school breaks from school.  These programmes usually run during the day between 10am–4pm from Monday – Friday during the holidays.
  5. Board of Directors – Youth Work Ireland Cavan Monaghan is managed by a volunteer Board of Directors. There are 10 spaces on the Board, two spaces for young people aged 18–25 years.  You must be nominated and elected onto the Board.  If you are a volunteer leader you are eligible for election.

What you can expect from us:

  • You can expect staff to listen and to be supportive.
  • We value our volunteers and the contribution you make to the lives of young people.
  • Training in Child Protection, first aid and group activities.
  • Other optional training will be provided on an annual basis.
  • To be included in the running of the organisation through consultation and participation.
  • To be valued and respected.

How can you get involved?

The majority of our volunteers work directly with young people once they have been Garda vetted and received Child Protection and induction training along with any other training needs that arise depending on their area of work i.e. first aid, drug and alcohol awareness, SafeTalk etc. If you are interested in volunteering with any of our programmes listed above please contact our Team Leaders on the following details:

  • Co. Monaghan – Alan Ryan 087 1360132 alan@ywimonaghan.ie
  • Co. Cavan – Con 087 7684757 con@ywicavan.ie