Youth Club Development

What we do:

This service enables young people throughout Monaghan and Cavan engage in activities within their own community and neighbouring communities creating an atmosphere of fun and enjoyment. The clubs provide social, educational and personal development opportunities for young people aged 10-18yrs. Our volunteers provide support, guidance, encouragement and challenges for young people within the youth club while our Club Development Officer provides support and guidance along with training to all leaders, volunteers and young people

How do we do it:

If you are interested in setting up a new youth club in your area or volunteering with any of the clubs below please contact our Club Development Officer on the following details:

  • Alan Ryan – 087

Current Clubs:


Scotshouse Youth Service

Scotshouse Youth Service was established to involve Young People aged 10-16 into a Local Youth Service in the Village of Scotshouse. It was established on the basis that being a member of a youth service incorporates educative, learning, social and personal development and contributes to the growth and well-being of young people. They organise all our their own fundraising, programmes and Development operations, are run completely on a voluntary basis by local volunteers and are operated by a Board of Management from people within the community. Service Hours in Scotshouse Youth Services are every Friday Evening from 6pm – 8pm in Scotshouse Community Centre.  For more information about the club contact: Conan O’ Neill 083 4843708


Kingscourt Youth Club

Kingscourt youth club is based in kingscourt county Cavan in the community centre. It runs once a week- every Tuesday from 7.00-8.30pm. It is a safe, fun and friendly place for the youth of kingscourt to meet new people, make friends and take part in activities and programmes that are suited to what the young people want and need. At Kingscourt Youth Club, the young people take part in games and activities, arts and crafts, drop- ins where the young people are free to do any of the above or just hang out with their friends and much more.  For more information about the club contact: Cassandra Taffe 087 6264364


Cootehill Youth Club

Cootehill Youth Club is a brand new youth club that started in January 2020. Our volunteers provide a space for young people to attend where they can come and chat, participate in games and activities, will soon participate in national events e.g. IMYA’s, Ecoclub, X-Hale etc., as well as improve their personal and social development. The club will be held in the Presbyterian Church Hall from 6.45pm – 8pm for all young people aged 11-16yrs. For more information about the club contact: Mary Roche 087 3631035