Detached Youth Work

What is Detached Youth Work?

Detached youth work is a distinct form of youth work that engages young people, aged between 10-24yrs, on the streets rather than a conventional youth work setting.  Detached youth workers work where young people have chosen to be, whether this is on the streets, greens, shopping centres etc. Workers make contact with young people wherever they are and build relationships over a period of time. Detached youth work takes its lead from young people and helps them to work out what their needs and goals are and then supports them in taking action to meet those needs and goals.

What we do:

Detached workers provide confidential advice, information and support on any or all of the following issues which young people may experience:

  • Homelessness
  • Education, employment and training
  • Sexual health education
  • Drugs and alcohol use/misuse, including information on drugs and the law
  • Crime diversion including anti-social behaviour and its consequences
  • Counselling, dealing with issues such as stress and depression

 How do we do it…

  • Develop and maintain contact with young people.
  • Support young people who do not access existing services.
  • Provide informal opportunities for social and personal development.
  • Support young people at risk.
  • Recruit for specific programmes and services.
  • Support young people to access other supports and appropriate services.
  • Provide young people with information, advice and support.

Staff can be seen every Friday night in their red jackets walking the streets and chatting to young people in the following locations:

  • Monaghan Town  –  7pm-12am
  • Carrickmarcross  –  7pm-12am
  • Bailebouough  –  5pm-7pm
  • Ballyjamesduff  –  10pm-12am
  • Virginia   –  7pm- 9pm
  • Belturbet  –  2pm-7pm (Wednesday)

How can you get involved?

For more information about our Detached Programme or to become a Volunteer Detached Worker contact:

  • Monaghan – Alan Ryan – 087 1360132
  • Cavan – Con Cullen – 087 7684757

National Detached Programme

Youth Work Ireland is taking the lead on the National roll out of the Detached Youth Work Programme with Youth Work Ireland Cavan Monaghan acting as its main consultants. The programme will be rolled out in 10 new locations around Ireland including: Limerick, Cork, Kerry, Wexford, Louth, Donegal, Longford, and Wicklow. Click here for more information