Include Youth Service 

What we do: 

 Originally an early school levers programme Include Youth Service targets young people with specific needs and provides a safe space to chat and socialise.  The service aims to counteract the problem of early school leaving by identifying young people who are experiencing difficulties, identifying the specific problems they are experiencing, working with those ‘at risk’ young people to overcome the issues they experience within the formal education system. The common theme in this diverse model is young person centred, needs based design involving individual and small group work. The service also incorporates a Wellbeing Programme, in partnership with the ISPCC, whereby a Wellbeing Officer works with young people in small groups.

Where we are based: 

Our team work across three sites including Clones, Castleblayney and Ballybay with a youth centre in each location. Each youth centre contains a range of facilities for young people including Wi-Fi, PlayStation 5, pool table, Ipads, computer suite, art supplies, cooking facilities, robots etc. We also provide useful information about services and needs of young people.

 Age Group: 

Include Youth Service is a service aimed at young people within the age bracket of 10-24 years in Clones, Ballybay and Castleblayney.


Throughout our service we have a range of programmes running depending on the needs of young people. These include LGBTQI+ support groups, Special interest-based groups like environmental groups and sports groups. We also organise needs-based programmes depending on the needs identified by young people and youth workers. These programmes include young men’s groups, X-hale for first years, young women’s groups and the Build a Bridge Transition Programme. See our Facebook Page for Current Programmes.

How can you get involved? 

If you wish to get involved with Include Youth Service, please don’t hesitate to contact us:


  • Julie – 087 1449406
  • Liam – 087 7201516


  • Grainne – 087 3753274
  • Ceara – 0873961200


  • Julie – 0871449406