Connecting You!

Youth Work Ireland Cavan Monaghan’s New Information App!

Youth Work Ireland Cavan Monaghan (YWICM), as part of the Healthy Ireland Fund, has launched a new interactive mobile phone app for young people called Connecting You. The app takes all the health and wellbeing information as well as local organisations that young people might be looking for and puts it all in one easily accessible location. The app has been in development over the last year and after a lot of dedicated time by YWICM staff and app developers it’s finally ready for use.

So what is Connecting You and how can it help young people in Cavan & Monaghan?

Connecting You allows young people, aged 10 -24yrs, find information on a wide variety of topics relevant to situations that they may be facing in their life at any particular time. Users of the app will be asked five questions that will guide their journey through to the relevant topic or emergency service that they may need at that particular time. Those who use the app will be provided with information about topics relevant to young people i.e. sexual health, depression, grief etc. as well the services and resources offered by local and national agencies so that they can access the help and support they may need. The app also contains links to external websites, YouTube videos, blogs, and relevant articles that relate to the topic the young person is looking for more information on. If someone is in need of emergency help there’s also an urgent help section where users can access the emergency support services that are available 24/7.

Young people were involved at every stage of the app development and then app builders Square Root Solutions helped to bring the app to life. Regional Director of YWICM Caolan Faux said “Connecting You is an invaluable resource for local young people to find the information they may need all centralised in one easily accessible app”. The app is now available and can be downloaded from Google Play and Apple App Stores by entering the words Connecting You in the search engines.

The Healthy Ireland Fund supported by the Department of Health and the Department of Children and Youth Affairs.

You can download the app for free here on iPhone or Android.