Youth Information Chat 2021 Impact Report

Since Youth Information Chat (YIChat) began in 2019, we have learned so much about
providing Youth Information online. When we look back on 2019 and 2020, we can see the
growing demand for online Youth Information. In our pilot phase in 2019, we
had 169 conversations with young people which increased to 2,026 conversations in
2020. Now that we are reflecting on 2021, there are many milestones reached by the

At the start of 2021, we set the ambitious goal of having 3,000 conversations with
young people about the issues that mattered to them. We also wanted to reach young
people in ways we hadn’t before so we set plans to diversify how we advertised on social
media and in print, with a specific focus on trying to connect with harder-to-reach groups
of young people.

You can download the full report here to get an in depth analysis of our findings.
Youth Information Chat 2021 Impact Report